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Heart Valve Disease

Dan and Marsha's Story

Dan and Marsha had been dancing together for years. When she noticed he started getting tired and short of breath, she knew it was time to reach out.

Casey's Story

Casey loves playing with her grandkids, but she had to reach out to her cardiologist after noticing she was short of breath and had palpitations after lying down.

Heart valve disease patients and their loved ones smiling.

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Pete and Lillee's Story

Left untreated, heart valve disease can get worse over time. Pete kept brushing off his symptoms until his wife, Lillee, had to rush him to the hospital when he fell sick.

Keenan's Story

Symptoms of heart valve disease are often subtle and may go unnoticed. Keenan didn’t think his symptoms were serious until after he was diagnosed and realized the impact heart valve disease could have on his family and community.

Doctor holding hand to chest while talking to patient in examination room.

Remember, an echocardiogram is the only sure way to know if you or a loved one has heart valve disease. Talk to your doctor today and make the most of your appointment with our doctor discussion guide.

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