During this evolving global situation with COVID-19, we know that you may have questions or concerns about heart valve disease. Please consult with your doctor for guidance and current information on your care.

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Millions of people over 65 have heart valve disease. Half don’t even know it. Are you or a loved one at risk?
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Heart valve disease can be deadly if left untreated. If you think you may have heart valve disease, now’s the time to act.

One in two people over 65 may not know they have heart valve disease. Reach out to them today—it could help save their life.

What is heart valve disease?

Great question. You’re probably familiar with heart disease, but most people have never even heard of heart valve disease. It’s a condition where one or more of your heart valves don’t work properly, making it more difficult for blood to flow through your body. If you don’t treat it, it can get worse and even lead to death.

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Are you or a loved one at risk of heart valve disease?

Answer a few simple questions and learn more. Once you’re done, you’ll get a personalized discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about getting an echocardiogram, a painless heart ultrasound.

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The hearts behind heart valve disease

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Symptoms of heart valve disease are often subtle, and many people with heart valve disease don’t even know they have it. Watch real stories of patients who recognized their symptoms and got diagnosed with an echocardiogram.

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If you think you have symptoms of heart valve disease, don’t wait. Ask your doctor for an echocardiogram today and make the most of your appointment with our doctor discussion guide.

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